Introduction to the Gorenjska Region (Slovenia)

Gorenjska has 203.654 inhabitants with 2.137 km2. Gorenjska is an industrial region with branches: ICT, automotive industry, other industries and services. UNEMPLOYMENT RATES (December , 2016): 7.4%.

Rural Profile of the Region

Gorenjska is mainly considered a “rural region”. There are 18 municipalities.

Strengths of the Rural Economy

Traditional industries in Gorenjska are wood, textile, shoes and steel industry and agriculture production.

Challenges for the Rural Economy

Territorial challenges of rural areas are mainly brain-drain, lack of innovative companies and shrinking of public services.

The Gorenjska Region of Slovenia is best known for...

Natura 2000 areas, National park, sustainable tourism.

Introduction to BSC (Business Support Centre) Kranj; Regional Development Agency of the Gorenjska Region

BSC Kranj is a regional development agency established in 1995, covering 18 local communities in the North West of Slovenia, responsible for regional development of the Gorenjska region. Development topics include entrepreneurship, tourism, human resources, environment and development of the countryside.

Introduction to Helena Cvenkel of BSC Kranj

Helena Cvenkel RURAL SMES project leader in BSC Kranj

Phone: 00386 4 281 72 30

Email: [email protected]

Helena Cvenkel is the person responsible for the RURAL SMES project in Gorenjska; including preparation and implementation of project activities in the Gorenjska region and for cooperation with the RURAL SMES partnership.

What Helena loves about her region

Diverse landscapes, sustainable, green development.

The changes the Gorenjska Region would like to see implemented from this project

Gorenjska has diverse support mechanism for promotion of entrepreneurship. The main challenge is to develop innovative approaches that would help changing mindsets.