Elaia Seminar – Agrinio city

During the Rural SMEs seminar and study visit on Public Support to Innovative Rural SMEs in Patras, Western Greece, Rural SME partners travelled to Agrinio city and more specifically to the Municipal Art Gallery of Agrinio. A presentation of Elaia was given, as well as a seminar on olives in all of its forms, and included an exhibition of paintings with olives as their subject, with the help of a tour guide.

Participants were offered olives and extra virgin oil.


Next participants were transferred to Anthir which is located outside of the city of Agrinio and its main purpose is experimenting, producing and processing organic medical and aromatic plants in the form of dry herbs, extracts and essential oils.

Today’s tomatoes

Participants were then transferred to a glass-enclosed production site in Boussi – Baltouli called Today’s Tomatoes.  The owner of the company gave a tour and explained that they produce and pack top quality tomatoes in a bunch using hydroponic methods and they are certified to the principles of integrated management in agricultural production.


Participants then visited a site near the lagoon of Messolongi – Etoliko where they learned from the owner of Botargo Stefos the art of creating botargo based on a traditional homemade recipe but marrying tradition with innovation.

Elaionas Zeliou

Finally, participants were guided to Elaionas Zeliou which is both a botanic garden and an olive grove.