During the Rural SMEs seminar and study visit on Public Support to Innovative Rural SMEs in Patras, Western Greece, Mr. Trachylis welcomed the Rural SME partners to Patras Science Park. He presented the main facilities and offered a guided tour. The main activities  of Incubation, Pre-incubation, Technology transfer, Proof of concept, Accelerator, Innovation Hubs, Networking and Current projects were outlined in detail.

Prof. Fotini Lamari presented Aroma Hub and Mrs Alexandra Sarma presented Orange Grove Patras.

Mr. Trachylis Dimitris presented the main information, the activities and the purposes of “Clean Tech Energy – Innovation Hub”. He added that Clean Tech Innovation Hub is a partnership between companies, universities and research institutions aiming towards the research on advanced materials and in particular for energy applications. He pointed out that its purpose is to offer suitable conditions for attracting young scientists and researchers, development centers, business, to make strong and well-structured links between laboratories and industries and finally to offer leadership at national level and international collaboration.

Mr. Prevenios Mixalis presented the main information, the activities and the purposes of “Blue Hub”. Blue Hub objectives are to enhance innovation processes within blue growth sectors of Adriatic-Ionian Macro-Region, stimulate and guide innovation capacities of blue sector SMEs and Start-ups for traditional Blue Growth sectors and emerging ones, provide innovation coaching, offer funding to selected companies for implementing innovation, foster expertise of blue growth experts and promote transnational innovation Networking Strategy and related Action Plan to support transnational cooperation among blue growth stakeholders.