Rural areas all over Europe are suffering important and serious problems of both internet connection and lack of mobile coverage. Private operators and Governments are dealing with this issue addressing new policies, but solutions are slowly arriving; meanwhile, many Europeans (private companies and individuals) living in rural areas are simply disconnected.

WIFINOR Telecommunications offers to its customers solutions to have internet connection and mobile coverage (generally ICTs services) in the rural areas with the same technical conditions as those living in urban settlements. The company is a broadband, telephony and wireless solutions provider. 

In fact, It is the only provider of wireless internet working in the province of Burgos with real speeds, made to measures services adapted to the customer and without permanence commitments. 

It also offers network consulting services, monitoring and control of camcorders, home and company domotics systems, as well as VPN solutions, structured cabling, network designs and point-to-point radio links for SMEs and other agencies.

Customers (beneficiaries of this service) are rural municipalities in the province of Burgos (mainly town halls which want offering this service to the population), private companies operating in this environment and individual citizens who want enjoying internet connection at home. 

More details on this case study available here.