Biomass is one of the most reliable and viable renewable energy alternatives both for domestic and industrial heating.

Both in its more traditional way (firewood, chips) or using processed biomass - wood pellets, derived from forest residues and the wood industry, the advantages of this fuel are enhanced.

Main benefits of using biomass:

 Energy reduction of up to 75% in relation to fossil fuels

 Recovering investment in a short period of time

 Independence of rising fossil fuel prices

 High calorific value

 Use of forest residues

 Clean and healthy energy

 Neutral accounting for CO2 emissions

 Easy storage, conversion and transport

 Contributes to improving the energy classification of buildings.

Vimasol was created in 2003 and it aims at improving the way energy resources are used in buildings, specially in the domestic and services sector.

Vimasol´s mission is to change the energy perception, providing the most appropriate solutions in an ecological framework.

Vimasol works to transform natural resources into profitable energy minimizing the negative impact.

Vimasol takes into consideration:

• Renewed sustainability policies

• Search for more demanding and customized comfort solutions

• Search for the best relation price-quality

• Growing environmental awareness