The primary reason on a holistic level to carry out this project is to increase the ability of the city of Bábolna to keep its inhabitants. In order to achieve this goal, it is essential to ensure the cleanliness, orderliness and liveability of the city. In addition to that, they aim to use a complex approach regarding urban development by putting emphasis on the following values: openness, dynamism, protecting heritage and rejuvenation. Also, attracting investors and stimulating the use of green technology is another holistic goal.


Regarding the aims specific to energetics, the main goals are to reduce the energy used in general, to decrease Co2 emissions and to increase the share of reneweable energy used in the city.

In the agglomeration of Bábolna there are several geothermal water pumps, so the idea rose to make use of the geothermal energy and the associated gas coming from the two pumps located in the city. The idea is to be implemented as follows: one of the pumps is put into operation, a thermal water pipeline is built leading to the gas technology building where after extracting the water the separation, cleaning and boosting of the associated gas takes place. New gas pumplines are built leading to the Sportshall and Cooking Kitchen located close to the pump. The associated gas can be put into use in the already existing equipments of the building where natural gas was used before. This implementation of the project is optimal, first of all, because the geothermal energy can be used by putting an already existing, but inactive pump into operation again and second of all, because there is no need to purchase new heat-generating equipments, it is possible to use the already existing ones.

The project is still ongoing, so far the water pipelines and the power-supply of the two pumps have been installed.

For the local individuals of the city this project is of great benefit because this practice helps to create a cleaner, more liveable and sustainable environment in the long term. In addition, it might also attract other green investments or businesses to the city.

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