IN.AVE Empreende challenge is a Support Program for Technology-Based Entrepreneurship aimed at stimulating the creation and development of innovative business initiatives, to foster the entrepreneurial spirit and to support the realization of new business projects. Therefore, IN.AVE Empreende aims at boosting the economic and territorial development in the AVE region of Portugal,

Participation in this challenge can either be of groups or individuals, with one business idea. All potential entrepreneurs should be over 18 and living in one of the municipalities in the AVE region, with business ideas linked to the territory and to the following areas:

  • Culture, Creation and Fashion
  • Agroenvironmental and Food Systems
  • Symbolic Capital, Technologies and Tourism Services (transversal)

IN.AVE Empreende will provide the following support:

- 11 Ideas Acceleration workshops on business projects;

- 20 hours of Individualized Mentoring for the Development of the Business Plan;

- 20 hours of Individualized Support for the Technical Development of a Prototype or Proof of Concept.

Two young entrepreneurs – Nuno Rebelo and Diana Coelho applied in 2014 with the project Raizes aimed at disclosing the natural and built heritage of Cabeceiras de Basto and surrounding region, developing several touristic and scientific activities raising environmental and scientific awareness. They were supported with specific training in entrepreneurship and management what made a huge difference from a – very good - idea to a real business!

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