Ruinen – On 21st November Roger de Groot, Mayor of the Dutch municipality De Wolden in the northern province of Drenthe, opened the start of a four-day international meeting on the economic development of SMEs in the tourist and recreation sector. Delegates from Hungary, Romania, the United Kingdom, Finland, Spain and Italy joined their partners from Drenthe to share knowledge and experience with each other. The programme also included a road trip to visit a number of successful local entrepreneurs in the area.

The Province of Drenthe works with municipalities and SMEs in the region to stimulate tourism in Drenthe. Within the Interreg Europe project Rural Growth the Province also works with other European regions to exchange best practices with each other. This is the first of a series of exchange visits. All participating regions, together with local stakeholders and SMEs, will develop strategies over the next two years. These plans will list the issues to be tackled and the actions needed to strengthen SMEs in the tourist sector. 

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