Project News

Local development approach in Po Delta area


Rural Growth delegation visiting Po Delta found the area supporting slow tourism...

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Rural Growth presented in Expo Ciuc / Csík Expó 2018


Harghita County Council presented Rural Growth project at Expo Ciuc / Csík Expó...

Type: Project

Rural Gowth at the Comacchio Birdwatching Fair


9th International Birdwatching and Nature Tourism Fair, held in Comacchio from...

Type: Project

5th Interregional meeting - Harghita county, Romania


Rich and varied programme of interregional Meeting in Harghita, Romania provided...

Type: Project

Rural Growth Think Tank is launched in Savonlinna


A "Think Tank" will help process ideas from the grass roots for the regional...

Type: Project

Rejtek Bike Center networking horizontally with SMEs


Rejtek biking center in Nagykanizsa is a remarkable achievement in tourism...

Type: Project

Drenthe on Tour


Drenthe partners in Rural Growth organized a bus tour for entrepreneurs in the...

Type: Project

3nd RG Interregional Meeting in Medina del Campo


The 3rd RuralGrowth Interregional Exchange Meeting in Medina del Campo...

Type: Project

2nd Rural Growth Interregional Meeting in Savonlinna


the 2nd Interregional Exchange Meeting of RuralGrowth project will be organised...

Type: Project

Businesses in Ruinen as examples for Europe


Rural Growth International Event: Meeting in Ruinen, Drenthe (NL)

Type: Project

RG interregional exchange meeting


First Rural Growth interregional exchange meeting in Drenthe (the Netherlands) ...

Type: Project

Rural Growth kick-off meeting in Nagykanizsa


Transnational Rural Growth -project was launched 15.-16.6.2016 in Nagykanizsa,...

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