Project good practices

Landhotel Diever

Summary: Landhotel Diever is an example of good entrepreneurship.

Location: Drenthe, Netherlands (Nederland)

Drentse Koe

Summary: De Drentse Koe is an example of good entrepreneurship in the tourism sector in Drenthe.

Location: Drenthe, Netherlands (Nederland)

Adventure Park of Zalaszabar

Summary: Adventure Park of Zalaszabar is the most innovative and attractive spot in South Zala in the field of adventure tourism to be considered as best practice.

Location: Nyugat-Dunántúl, Hungary (Magyarország)

Bonne Chance Hotel & Restaurant - high quality rural gastronomy

Summary: Bonne Chance Restaurant & Hotel is a high cuality gastronomic service provider in Muraland combining fine dining services and traditional cuisine.

Location: Nyugat-Dunántúl, Hungary (Magyarország)


Summary: BUTEO - joined the Rueda Wine Route in 2015. Main activities: Planning of guided routes for wildlife watching, environmental training courses and consulting.

Location: Castilla y León, Spain (España)

Ruta del Vino de Rueda / Rueda Wine Route

Summary: It is a wine tourism project which aims to improve the quality of tourist products and unite their efforts to create synergies and benefit the joint promotion.

Location: Castilla y León, Spain (España)

Via Mariae pilgrimage route

Summary: Association Via Mariae is the organization in charge to develop and maintain the pilgrim road Via Mariae / Mary’s Way in Romania.

Location: Bucureşti - Ilfov, Romania (România)

Skansen Pension from Borospatak

Summary: The Skansen Pension from Borospatak offers accommodation facilities and additional services in a living farm museum in Gyimes area.

Location: Centru, Romania (România)

biking horizontally with local SMEs

Summary: Rejtek Bike Center is a highly innovative flagship SME focusing on rural tourism, cyclist activities and the natural values of South-Zala (Muraland).

Location: Nyugat-Dunántúl, Hungary (Magyarország)

New birdwatching tourism product

Summary: Promote accessibility and use of Po Delta Park with a programme of interventions were carried aimed at enhancing the practice of "birdwatching"

Location: Other, Italy (Italia)

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