6th RuralGrowth Interregional Exchange meeting

Bagnacavallo, province of Ravenna (Italy)

25-28 June 2018


DAY 0 – 25th June 

16:00 – 16:15 WELCOME by Delta and the project manager of the LP ‘15 

16:15– 16:45 


Overview of activities in the 4th Semester – presentation and joint discussion by the LP

Management, financial and reporting issues

- financial status in the 5th period based on Partner Reports and financial plan until the end of Phase1

- main conclusions of project level reporting and mid-term review

- project indicators-FOLLOW-UP

16:45-17:30 Communication

- creating the 3rd infographic in small groups

17:30- SITE VISIT- Part 1

Transfer to Ecomuseo Marsh Plant: presentation of Ecomusuem case history and activities

20:00 Dinner in Ecomuseo Marsh Plant

DAY 1 – 26th June

9:30-10:00 Plenary session: Tasks of Phase2

Monitoring Workplan template to be presented ‘30


Table group discussions 10:00-13:00 

TABLE A with CRE: Action Plan Clinic Round1

TABLE B with LP: Policy Influencing 1 to 1 

TABLE C with LP: Good practice transfer- Pilot actions  

Pilot action drafting 11:00-12:00 

GP transfer 12:00-13:00

GP transfer

13:00-14:00 Lunch in Bagnacavallo in the Restaurant Osteria Malabocca (located in the city center - about 10’ minutes by walk to the meeting location)  

14:00-  SITE VISIT- Part 2 

Transfer from Bagnacavallo center to Visit Center Salt Pans of Cervia

Visit Center Salt Pans of Cervia: presentation of case history, trip by boat and/or by walk on the salt pans, coffee break.

DAY 2 – 27th June 

09:00 – 13:00  SITE-VISIT- Part 3 

Transfer from Bagnacavallo to Comacchio (Fe)

3RD SITE VISIT à COGETOUR: case history, meeting with representatives, boat trip in the Comacchio valleys

13:00-14:00 Lunch in Bettolino di Foce – stazione foce – Comacchio Valley


Table group discussions 14:00-15:30 including coffee break:

TABLE A with CRE: Action Plan Clinic Round2 

TABLE B with LP: Monitoring Workplan drafting 

’30: drafting the Mon Workplan- LP, Savo, Delta, Medina, Harghita (Drenthe during presentations)

’60: presenting the Workplans- Delta, LP, Medina, Harghita, Savo, Drenthe – ‘10/partner

16:00-17:30 Closure of Action Planning and LSG operation, BRIDGE to Phase2 

- Reporting back on APs by CRE ‘30 

- Closing circle about the LSG process ‘60

18.00 Transfer from Manifattura dei Marinati to Bagnacavallo

20:00- Dinner in Bagnacavallo - Restaurant Osteria Malabocca 

DAY 3 – 28th June


9.30 Opening : Matteo Giacomoni Vice Mayor of Bagnacavallo

9.45 – 11.00 Thematic debate on visitor economy by external experts:

Laura Schiff, EMILIA ROMAGNA REGION - Directorate-General for the Economy of Knowledge, Labor and Business - Current and future policies for the rural territory

Maria Pia Pagliarusco, Director Po Delta Park - UNESCO's international recognition as a Biosphere Reserve for the Po Delta Park.

Daniele Morelli, Romagna Camaldoli association - Trail Romagna, Experience of San Romualdo Pilgrimage

Vitalina Brugnoli, Delta Welcome, new SMEs Incoming Po Delta

Andrea Succi, Destination Marketing Manager, River contracts and experiential tourism in rural area

1.00 – 11.30 Joint discussions & Conclusions

Moderator: Stefano Dall’Aglio, tourist marketing expert   

12:00-13:30 Peer review and CLOSURE of PHASE 1 

- feedback round on good practices and the entire project: share your experiences!

- closure of the implementation phase

13:30- Farewell lunch in Bagnacavallo - Restaurant Osteria Malabocca (located in the city center - about 10’ minutes by walk to the meeting location)