DAY 1 - 10th July 

18:30 – 20:00 WELCOME by the Mayor of Medina del Campo ‘10 

Greetings from the City of Medina del Campo ‘10

2nd Steering Group

Management, financial and reporting ‘60

- financial status after the 2nd period based on the 2nd Partner Reports and experience of partner level reporting (feedback on Internal Partner Reports)– presentation by the LP

- storytelling– interactive session

Communication ‘30

- overview of indicators and outputs, actual status, upcoming tasks

Local products degustation

Visit to the Castle of la Mota. Gamification 

DAY 2–11st July 

9:30 – 14:00 

including coffee break and snack KNOWLEDGE EXCHANGE WORKSHOP

Overview of activities in the 3rd reporting period – presentation and joint discussion by the LP ‘10

Feedbacks and comments on SQA, LSG meetings so far and presenting the good practice collection ’30 by CRE  

First results of Vision Development ’60- presenting (‘10/PARTNER) the 1st draft of Action Plan (ppt template provided by LP) 

- policy objectives

- interim steps (=actions)

- lessons learnt so far

Each presentation will be followed by a feedback round by CRE

Next steps of Vision Development  

1. Introducing 2nd draft of Action Plan template and next steps based on the guideline by CRE ‘30

2. Identifying actions – INTERACTIVE SESSION ‘90

Please choose and bring 1 policy objective identified in the 1st draft Action Plan and 1 interim step (= action)! No ppt is needed!

- completing 1 action table in small group/partner ‘45

- presenting the action table/partner ‘45

14:30-16:00 Lunch in Gastro Bar Lisboa


including cheese degustation SITE-VISIT: GOOD PRACTICES

Visiting the historical and commercial Centre of Medina del Campo. City walk through the historic centre of Medina del Campo; we will visit:

- Hospital Simón Ruiz.

- Pecado Artesano (Bakery and pastry shop).

- Main Square

- Visit to the Testamentary Palace

- San Martín church – ‘The Fairs’ Museum – Cultural Centre Isabel la Católica

- Los Quesos de Juan (Cheese shop)

- Underground cellar

- Emina winery – Almazara (oil mill)

DAY 3– 12nd July 

9:30 – 14:00 

including coffee break and snack RURAL GROWTH TALKS

Conclusions on site visits ‘15

Presenting the ‘give’ and ‘get’/partner

Next steps of Vision Development 

Continuation of identifying actions ‘60

- in mixed groups formulating suggestions, put questions linked to the action table completed by other partners on the previous day ‘30

- presenting the suggestions/questions by representatives of each group ‘30

Policy influencing ‘120

1. What is a policy influencing action? - presenting successful policy influencing examples from INTERREG IVC projects by LP ’30

2. Pilot policy influencing- INTERACTIVE SESSION ‘90 

Completing 1 policy influencing table in small group/partner (30’)

Presenting (’60: 10 minutes/partner)

- your own policy instrument addressed in the AF and the management system of this instrument (ppt template provided by LP)

- what kind of policy influencing is necessary to implement your selected action based on the completed policy influencing table

3. Co-working in LSGs – INTERACTIVE SESSION ‘45 

2 rounds in small groups (‘15/round, total ‘30) to discuss:

- Measure of stakeholder engagement: who was involved comparing to the previous LSG meeting? What kind of methods did you use to reach engagement? What level of stakeholder engagement could you achieve so far?

- What were the main issues during LSGs and outputs/results of the meetings so far?

- What kind of successes could you achieve?

- Main challenges during the process so far?

Planning the schedule of the next 3 LSG meetings, preparing agenda/partner! ‘15

14:30-15:30 Lunch at Campo Eliseo Winey (La Seca)

including wine taste SITE-VISIT: GOOD PRACTICES 

Visit to Campo Eliseo Winery (La Seca)

Excursion: Rueda Wine Route initiatives. We will visit:

- A winery in Rueda or Serrada.

- Tourist train in Tordesillas

- La Giralda de Castilla (bakery)

DAY 4 – 13rd July 

12:00- 14:00 RURAL GROWTH TALKS 

Chosen good practices to be presented by entrepreneurs

- Duero Douro BUTEO

- MappingMe


- Fundación Siglo

Press meeting including Coffee break

Conclusions on site visit 

Presenting the ‘give’ and ‘get’/partner based on the good practices visited/presented in/by Medina del Campo and the 3-day long knowledge exchange

Thematic debate on visitor economy, leisure industry by external experts  

- Representatives of the Regional Government

- Representatives of the University of Valladolid

- Chamber of Commerce of Valladolid

14:00-14:30 Closure, coffee break with tapas