DAY 1 - 21th March

9:00 – 9:40 WELCOME by the representative of Kruunupuisto and the LP ‘10 

The greetings of city of Savonlinna, chairperson Anna-Kristiina Mikkonen, Savonlinna city council ‘10

Warming-up ‘10

Overview of activities in the 2nd reporting period – presentation and joint discussion by the LP ‘10

9:40 – 13:00


1. Co-working in LSGs ’90:

3 rounds in pairs to discuss ‘60

- measure of stakeholder engagement: who was involved comparing to the original list in the AF? what kind of methods did you use to reach engagement?

- what was the main issues during the 1st and 2nd LSG meetings?

- what kind of successes could you achieve?

- main challenges during the process so far?

- what are the main outputs (SQA, SMART objectives) of LSGs so far?

Presentation of the main lessons learnt and joint discussion ‘30

Pair discussions (Speed dating) chaired by CRE and LP with the participation of partners’ LSG moderators, LSG members. Please prepare with some information on the above-mentioned issues!

2. Experiences of ambition setting visits organized after the 1st IE meeting ‘80

- presenting the main conclusions, outcomes of the visits by CRE ‘30

Experiences, impressions to be shared, picking out the main messages/conclusions gained during the visits!

- reaction round by the partners: how can you use the suggestions/conclusions formulated during the visit?

13:00-14:00 Lunch

14:00-18:00 GOOD PRACTICES

Visitor: Promotion of Fishing Tourism and Diversification of the Use of Water Area, Pekka Sahama, rajupusuleader

Excursion: Hotelli Punkaharju

Be prepared to spend time outdoors!

19:30 - Dinner


DAY 2 – 22nd March

9:30 – 13:00 

including coffee break KNOWLEDGE EXCHANGE WORKSHOP

Status Quo Analyses and Good Practices ‘180

Presenting (‘30/PARTNER):

• the infographics on Status Quo

• identified good practices (2 best): after presentations, small group discussions on the future possible adaptability of presented good practices to define concrete lessons learnt to bring home!

Just the INFOGRAPHIC and PICTURES on the chosen good practice to be shown, maximum of 10 pictures/partner

13:00-14:00 Lunch

14:00- 17:00

including coffee break Thematic debate on visitor economy, leisure industry by external experts ‘180 

Presentation of tourism research in South Savo, methods and results by Project manager Katja Pasanen, Centre for Tourism Studies, University of Eastern Finland 

Presentation of tourism and entrepreneur collaboration in Punkaharju region by entrepreneur Maria Utti, Hepokatti, Young entrepreneur of the year 2016 in Punkaharju 

Presentation of strategies, sustainability and tourism in South Savo by lecturer, project manager Eeva Koivula, South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences   

17:00-18:00 CHOSEN GOOD PRACTICE: Saimaa Startup, entrepreneur Mari Pennanen, Saimaalife

20:00 - Dinner


DAY 3 – 23rd March

9:30-12:00 GOOD PRACTICES: excursion and transfer to Savonlinna 

- Agritourism, hotel Mannila Rantakatti

- National parks and recreation, State Forest Enterprise, Saimaa Nature Centre

13:00 – 14:00 Lunch


including coffee break GENERAL PROJECT ISSUES

Management, financial and reporting ‘45

- financial status in the 2nd period based on internal reports and experience of project level reporting– presentation by the LP ‘15

- budget tasks in small groups ‘30

Communication ‘45

- overview of indicators and outputs, actual status, upcoming tasks ‘15

- interactive session ‘30

RURALGROWTH TALKS in Hotel Pietari Kylliäinen 

Warming up ‘30

- reflection on the good practices visited in the morning and on previous days in the light of their adaptability and incorporability into action planning by the others

Bridging to vision development ‘60

- overall picture of Vision Development and Action Planning process by the LP

- presenting the vision development Guidelines by CRE

- discussing the first draft of Action Plan of Savonlinna (how can Savonlinna influence the targeted policy?)

Collecting the suggestions of the partners to comment on the draft Action Plan of Savonlinna, host partner as facilitator

17:30 – 18:00 GOOD PRACTICES: Savonlinna opera festival

18:00-18:30 CLOSURE

1. summary of tasks for the upcoming period

2. next meeting

3. closing remarks