RUMORE partner region Central Macedonia organised a workshop at the ERIAFF (European Regions for Innovation in Agriculture, Food and Forestry) annual conference in Florence, 26-29 March 2019. The workshop was entitled “Personalised Nutrition Value Networks” which is one of the working groups inside ERIAFF. The Region of Central Macedonia presented the pilot case with the name “Fresh Fruit” being one of the two pilot cases in the context of the “High Tech Farming” interregional partnership (S3 Agrifood Platform).
The ERIAFF annual conference was placed in the larger context of the rural development innovation week organised by the Regional Government of Tuscany, in collaboration with the S3 Agrifood Platform. With a strong focus on linking the regional and European dimensions, the Rural Development Innovation Week offered a unique opportunity to share knowledge on existing initiatives that support and promote innovative projects and solutions focused on agriculture and forestry.
The event gave the possibility to take part in a broad range of sessions, including the ERIAFF annual Conference and the S3 Agrifood Working Committee Semi Annual meeting.

Image by Walkerssk from Pixabay