Burgas District Government takes a critical look at the progress of implementation of the priorities and measures in the Regional Development Strategy 2014-2020. By evaluating the strategy, the District Government seeks to identify the current progress and underused potentials for strengthening economic development and innovation processes in the region.  The evaluation should encourage feedback from local stakeholders and should provide opportunities for rethinking established patterns for action.

The Inception Report for the interim evaluation was presented and discussed during the third local stakeholder group meeting of the project RUMORE. The meeting was held on 2nd May 2018 in the premises of District Government Burgas. It gathered representatives of the regional councils, municipalities, the Regional Inspectorate for Environment and Water Burgas, the University of Burgas, the ICT cluster Burgas, and some local businesses. During the meeting, Foundation “GIS-Transfer” - the experts in charge for the development of the methodological approach and for conducting the analysis - summarized the first results from the evaluation. These results will serve as a basis for the Regional Development Strategy’s update and for the further project work in RUMORE.  

The presentation of the Inception Report was followed by a discussion on the current needs and possibilities for strengthening the economic activities in both the urban and rural territories of the region. The participants exchanged on the opportunities for better linking the educational and business sectors, e.g. by means of dual educational programmes. They further discussed on how to improve the developments in the agricultural sector in the region and what role institutions such as the Regional expert council for livestock breeding Burgas could play in supporting regional production.