The local Amsterdam RUMORE activities raised broad public attention during a break out session of the conference “Flows of Food” on 7th December 2017.

“Flows of Food” is a regional food conference in the Metropolitan Region Amsterdam (MRA), whose main goal is to launch a Food Council: a collaboration of private enterprises, educational institutes, government and civic society. The conference looks closely at the regional food system in MRA. It searches for answers of urgent food issues with social and economic impact in the region and brings forward the idea that sharing and establishing innovative partnerships makes a real difference. Following the example of successful Food Councils in other Metropolitan Regions worldwide, the Food Council MRA will connect people, explore potential and talents in the regional food system and promote cooperation on sustainable solutions to the regional problems.

In the RUMORE session of the conference Mara van der Kleij, project leader in the Municipality of Amsterdam, presented the project, its goals and the good practices discussed so far in the MRA local stakeholder group. She pointed out that the main aim of the local activities in Amsterdam is to strengthen regional food chains, to re-use organic waste streams and to find new, innovative plant-based protein sources. The redesigning of organic residual waste chains in the Metropolitan Area of Amsterdam will offer important opportunities in the field of circular economy and will contribute to the necessary transition to sustainable circular food chains.

RUMORE fits well in the Circular Economy Programme of Amsterdam, which aims at turning the city into a circular one by the year 2050. Together with a series of other projects, RUMORE will contribute to achieving the goals of the Programme.  Additionally, it will make the Operational Programme of Western Netherlands ‘Kansen voor West’ more open to topics and ideas of circular innovations thus creating new opportunities and future chances for circular entrepreneurs.

The RUMORE project activities in Amsterdam focus on improving the organic residual flows chains between city and region and on reducing the MRA ecological footprint. A particular emphasis is placed on research institutions and enterprises that work on the valuable use of organic waste streams and the development and marketing of new plant-based protein sources. In RUMORE, the municipality of Amsterdam collaborates with knowledge institutions and entrepreneurs from the whole Metropolitan Area. A number of stakeholders had the opportunity to briefly present their company and concepts during the “Flows of Food” conference. The joining of forces of the local stakeholders is expected to lead to more circularity in the food chain.

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