Planted bus stops, green parking lots and fruit trees throughout the city. When it comes to these six students of the Wageningen University, the city of Goor becomes a lot greener. In June the students presented to local stakeholders their ambitious plans and creative solutions to make Goor more green and edible. The assignment to work on the plans was given to the students from the Green Knowledge Portal and the municipality Hof van Twente. The Green Knowledge Portal Twente within the overarching “Green Metropolis Twente; programme Powerful Twente” mobilises knowledge sources creatively. In particular, it brings together students and urban authorities to solve challenges that are on the frontier between urban and rural areas.

“Twente has a lot to offer for tourism, but Goor lacks a real attraction” Quirine Kate, a student of toxicology stated. A green character for the city can change this. Students show how this change could happen in Goor. The measures they develop will result in a big advantage for all citizens. They will make the city more biodiverse, heat resistant, and environmentally friendly. There are many ideas and possibilities - a green roof on the town hall, a tea garden on the square or planted bus stops. Even the parking lot can be much greener.  In the future, Goor will be not only more green, but also edible. “If you are waiting for the bus, you can just pick a strawberry”, says biology student Jonathan Filius. Especially the idea for an annual harvest festival is enthusiastically welcomed. A local brewery could brew a beer especially for this festival. Many people have forgotten what can be eaten and what cannot. A simple app can teach the citizens of Goor again what is edible.

If the plans are successful, more cities in Twente can follow the example. Whether Goor is really green and edible in a couple of years? The municipality has the means to do so; important is the involvement of the citizens. The municipality of Hof van Twente will look into what ideas are achievable and which ones can be carried out in the near future. For the “Green Metropolis Twente; programme Powerful Twente” this fresh perspective on improving life in cities by combining it with rural aspects is at the heart of local cooperation among citizens and stakeholders.