Project News

RUMORE project at Flows of Food in Amsterdam


The local Amsterdam RUMORE activities raised broad public attention during a...

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Meet Green Knowledge Portal for innovative ideas


On 13th December, the Green Knowledge Portal Twente organised a stakeholders...

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Green Growth discussions in Lüneburg Region


What potentials does Green Growth have for the future regional development in...

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How could rural areas keep pace with digitalisation?


The ongoing digitalisation changes dynamics in the industries as well as in the...

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RUMORE Learning Event in Twente


The RUMORE project held its second interregional Learning Event on 28th – 29th...

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RUMORE participates at Platform event in Milan


RUMORE attended the launch event of the Policy Learning Platform on Reserach &...

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Second RUMORE interregional learning event in Twente


RUMORE project looks ahead at its second interregional learning event. This will...

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Will Goor become a green and edible city in Twente?


Students help to make disappear the frontier between urban and rural in the city...

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Committed support for innovation in Lombardy Region


RUMORE project activities are speeding up in Lombardy Region.

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Joint effort for knowledge transfer in Thessaloniki


The first stakeholder group meeting in Central Macedonia brought about targeted...

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Strong partners for promoting innovation in Burgas


The first stakeholder group meeting in Burgas took place on 25th April 2017. ...

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Ambitious aims for the cooperation in Lüneburg


To discuss interests, aims and possible activities of all regional stakeholders...

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