Project News

Launch of Instock Market in Amsterdam


In May 2019, Instock, one of the stakeholders of RUMORE Amsterdam, launched the...

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Cooperation Potential for Lüneburg’s Natural Reserve


Are biosphere reserves and protected natural areas a regional asset or a...

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Workshop Designing and Monitoring of RIS3 Strategies


The Policy Learning Platform on Research and Innovation organises its next...

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Support for Regional Food Chains in Twente


Government agencies in Twente Region commit to increase the consumption of...

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RUMORE Interregional Learning Event in Burgas


On 12th – 13th June 2019, partners and stakeholders of the project RUMORE came...

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Central Macedonia at the ERIAFF annual conference


RUMORE partner region Central Macedonia organised a workshop at the ERIAFF...

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Perspectives for the Lower Saxony Multi-Fund OP


Discussions in the Lüneburg Region about the Lower-Saxony Multi-Fund Operational...

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Discussions for Regional Innovation Center in Burgas


Under the Bulgarian Operational Programme "Innovation and competitiveness" and...

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Insights into Central Macedonia’s Innovation System


RUMORE Interregional Learning Event on 19th – 20th March 2019 in Thessaloniki,...

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Video on Amsterdam working on circular food chains


The City of Amsterdam improves with its local RUMORE activities the local...

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RUMORE Project Achievements and 2019 Roadmap


Project half-time – it’s time to talk about results and look ahead.

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Starting signal for a new One Stop Liaison Office


The Region of Central Macedonia started to operate an innovative liaison office...

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