Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic publish a regular information on CSR topic through the CSR Newsletter. 2nd edition of this Newsletter was distributed on 25th of September 2018 and includes current information from the Ministry of Industry and Trade and stakeholder contributions.

Newsletter brings the important important facts about the final stage of the basic document preparation: National Action Plan for Corporate Social Responsibility in the Czech Republic for the period 2019-2023, also information about upcoming event: 2nd National CSR Conference, about new members of the Stakeholder Platform (JAIP - South Bohemian Agency for the Support of Innovation Entrepreneurship, Československá obchodní banka - an universal bank in the Czech Republic, ELT Management Company Czech Republic and non-govermnetal Company for Health). Current awards announced by the Quality Council are listed as well.

In the contributions of stakeholders you can learn about the results of CSR research from IPSOS, in the section on education you can learn about the implementation of CSR at universities and about the education of our young children. On the following pages you can look into the topic of CSR awarding. You can find interesting information in articles dedicated to innovative solutions and sustainable development in practice. Last but not least, in the section "What else in CSR is going on?", You can read practical examples from stakeholders working in various fields of activity.

Czech language of CSR Newsletter is available on Czech CSR web portal: