The third Regional Thematic Seminar was organized on 8th June in Mérida.

The Regional Government of Extremadura is elaborating the Action Plan of Extremadura for 2018-2020 and the aim of this Seminar was the presentation of the strategic lines of this Action Plan to our stakeholders.

This Action Plan is being elaborated together with the representatives of the relevant social and economic agents of Extremadura. There have been celebrated several meetings in which their participation have been essential to determinate the most important actions that this action plan should include.

The aim of this Seminar has been to present these actions to our stakeholders in order to get their considerations about it.

For the seminar, we have invited all our stakeholders and some relevant people that is carrying out strategic activities in our region that has a lot to do with this action plan.

The opening of the Seminar was made by our General Director of Labor, Maria Sandra Pacheco, who is the responsible of the CSR in the Government of Extremadura.

The CSR Office of the Government of Extremadura gave the following presentation. We made an exposition about the actual situation of CSR in the region and the future actions that this Regional Government want to put into practice, among which is the Action Plan of CSR for the period 2018-2020.

After this presentation, we divided the participation in three parts that are the main lines, which our Action Plan is going to work on.

Line 1: CSR in public administrations

For this line we invited:
- Mr. Jose Manuel Lorente, the responsible for the lawyer department of the Government of Extremadura, who talked about the incorporation of social clauses into the public procurement.
- Mr. Santos Jorna, who is the coordinator of the local action in the Government of Extremadura and are carrying out the activities included in the Green and Circular economic Strategy of Extremadura.

Line 2: CSR as a catalyst for economic and social transformation of Extremadura.

For this second line we invited the relevant social agents of Extremadura that have participated in the elaboration of the Action Plan Draft:
- Ms. Maria Berrocal, representing Comisiones Obreras (CCOO), a trade union.
- Mr. Teodoro Casares, representing Unión General de Trabajadores (UGT), a trade union.
For this line we also invited Carlos Garrido, representing Adecco Foundation. It is a foundation which is in permanent contact with enterprises and which are doing many CSR good practices in collaboration with enterprises. He presented some of these CSR good practices to our stakeholders.

Line 3: CSR in the third sector and in citizenship.

For this line we invited the General Secretary of the Third Sector Platform of Extremadura, Mr. Francisco Javier Olivera. The activities of this platform are directly related to some actions that are included into the Action Plan Draft for the third sector in Extremadura

After the exposition of the people invited to the seminar we made an interactive dialogue with all our stakeholders to know their point of view about the actions included in the Draft of the Action Plan.

Main conclusions exposed in the interactive dialogue:

  • There are public policies that will be aligned with the action plan, as we indicated in the plan itself.
  • The first CSR action must start with the workers; quality labor relations are elements that legitimize the CSR of the company.
  • CSR should focus on applying it to the business. It is worthless that is something philanthropic.
  • SMEs and small companies must have specific reporting and implementation tools.

It was proposed to develop a guide of good practices for SMEs or even be able to certify only good practices, not companies.