Region of Crete (Roc) –P2, organized the 3rd Regional Thematic Seminar for its Stakeholders Group on 29th March 2018 at Heraklion Chamber of Commerce premises in Heraklion, Crete, Greece.

The main purpose of the seminar was to present ROAD – CSR’s progress and the study conducted by the advisory partner – NTNU P4 as well as to start an interactive dialogue on RoC’s draft Action Plan on CSR.

The agenda included a welcome by the Vice-Governor for European and International Affairs of Crete Region, Presentation of Road CSR Project, Presentation of the study conducted by NTNU – P4, about the CSR effects on SMEs competitiveness, Presentation of the proposed action plan of Crete Region on promoting CSR principles, followed by discussion on the proposed action plan.

The participants included stakeholders from SMEs, OAED (Greek national employment agency, Chamber of Commerce, University of Crete, RoC Environment Directorate, RoC Development Planning Directorate. 

The project team analysed the procedures and the work that has been done to produce the draft Action Plan, as it was planned by utilizing the data collected during the research on CSR incorporation in local level and the conclusions of the national thematic study. The draft Action Plan of the RoC is summarised below: 

The discussion focused on the proposed actions and on the views and difficulties faced by SMEs on implementing CSR. 

The Draft Action Plan is still under consultation and local stakeholders can give their feedback until 30th June through the electronic form of the relevant questionnaire which is available in Greek at the following link: 

The project team of ROAD-CSR in the Region of Crete are: Katerina Vlasaki (coordinator, [email protected]) and Katerina Rousaki (communication manager, [email protected]).