Barbara Kobale, from E-Zavod, had a presentation of the project Road-CSR and took part in a round table discussion on CSR at the international Fair Green in Gornja Radgona, Slovenia.

The presentation and the round table discussion took place at the International Fair Green in Gornja Radgona in the North-East side of Slovenia on April 5th 2018. Barbara Kobale, E-Zavod, shortly presented the aim and project goals, who are the partners, expected results, what are the positive effects of the CSR for the company, what are the advantages of SME’s in applying the CSR and presented the following eight best practices identified in Slovenia within the project:

▪ HORUS – It is Slovenian award for social responsibility. Horus award was established due to the business needs for an organized approach to introducing CSR in business practices. Slovenia did not have any such tool before 2009. The Award encourages stakeholder’s engagement and approach to introducing CSR strategy in an integrated manner while recognizing its interdependence.

▪ Certificate family-friendly company – It is a consulting process developed as one of the tools for effective and quality human resources management within enterprises and organizations in the context of balancing professional and private lives of employees. The certificate was introduced in an environment in which Slovenian managers did not regard balancing of work and life as an issue for the workplace. There are more than 200 companies-holders of Certificate family-friendly certificate with jointly more than 70.000 employees.

▪ CSR Network - It is a meeting point of companies and other organisations whose common purpose is to promote social responsibility, both within their companies and organisations and in a wider social environment. The network has currently 25 members.

▪ Symbiosis - Simbioza Genesis is social enterprise, that with its activities and programmes addresses the lack of digital literacy among elderly people, development of sense of responsibility in young and promotion of a trust-based society, intergenerational cooperation and social inclusion for all generations.

▪ Saubermacher Komunala Murska Sobota - Is a company whose main activity is economical waste management and its integration in the environment, thus socially responsible conduct in itself is expected and required. Important is a positive attitude towards customers employees, owners, state, local environment, core and wider community. The company invests its efforts in raising awareness, working with young people, employee satisfaction and striving for a clean natural environment.

▪ Pipistrel – The company s the world leader in the development, design and production of ultralight aircrafts. Pipistrel’s institute building with an area of 2,400 m2 was built-in the cutting-edge technology in the field of energy efficiency and energy production from renewable sources. The building is completely energy self-sufficient. A rough estimate for yearly savings of energy is 95.000 kWh. The total CO2 savings from all the systems combined are 180,635 kg of CO2 annually.

▪ Iskraemeco - Company Iskraemeco, d.d. is one of the leading smart metering solution providers. It developed a measuring device that is lighter, smaller and more energy efficient.

▪ Erste Bank - Corporate volunteering programmes are an integral part of CSR Strategy of the Bank. Corporate volunteering program includes individual and joint actions in the field of environmental protection, social inclusion, youth education, entrepreneurship development, financial literacy and others.

The speakers at the round table were also: Mr. Tadej Slapnik, State Secretary in the cabinet of the Prime Minister and representatives of the national strategy makers from the core working group: Ms. Anita Hrast, Institute for development of CSR - IRDO, Ms. Lucija Glavič, Ekvilib Institute and Ms. Lenka Puh from Etri community. All the speakers had a vivid discussion with the interested public who attended the presentation and the round table on the topic of CSR in Slovenia and the action plan that Slovenia is going to prepare. The participants expressed the need of such a plan as well as the importance of open discussion on CSR in Slovenia and its further enforcement in the Slovenian business environment.