General Directorate of Labour of the Government of Extremadura participates in the project ROAD CSR, "A roadmap for integrating Corporate Social Responsibility into EU Member States and Business Practices". One of the activities projected in the framework of the project is the realization of Regional Seminars in which the participant regions offer information about the actions developed and the results of the project. Based on this, General Directorate of Labor, through the CSR Office of Extremadura, organized last 27th of November the II Regional Seminar where CSR good practices identified for the project were exposed.

The central part of this Seminar were the good practices and relevant information extracted from the two roundtables organized for this Seminar.

For the first roundtable were invited enterprises of Extremadura with the certification of Socially Responsible Enterprise of Extremadura and others in process of achieving this certification.

Moreover, and with the aim of promoting social economy, which Extremadura is betting strongly for as a new economic model towards which all companies must converge, the second roundtable was composed of the most representative agro food cooperatives of Extremadura that presented the actions carried out to incorporate social responsibility in their daily management.

The main ideas we could highlight from this session were:  
- CSR "really" make enterprises more competitive. 
- Socially Responsible Companies of Extremadura recognized they have better results since they have incorporated the social responsibility criteria into their management model. 
- The idea that cooperatives naturally includes in their management the social, environmental and economic criteria of social responsibility was reaffirmed in this Seminar by the expositions made in the roundtables.