During the month of December, partners have been sharing information about their fortresses related to Innovation. Due to the proximity to holidays, the numbers decreased in comparison with the last campaign (it reached 3.000 people) but still, it has had good figures as it has reached more than 1.000 people. #FortressesInnovation was the last campaign of the year and it was also the last campaign related to the six main topics of the project. In January, RFC Project will start a new campaign focus on Good Practices

Czech Republic

Terezín's Tour Guide App

The royal fortress town of Terezín covers 400 hectares and its dramatic history now offers more than 50 places of interest. It is impossible to discover the fortress in a single day. That is why the Municipality of Terezín, together with the Terezín Memorial and SmartGuide, prepared a new guide app in 2020.

The visitor can wander around the town and discover individual monuments or set out to learn the story of Terezín as an old bastion fortress or, conversely, a Jewish ghetto. Great for small groups or individual visitors. But a living guide is still irreplaceable.



VirtuaFort - pilot action - Building a VR application for Lillo fortress in Antwerp

Embedded within the RFC Interreg project an important pilot action ‘Virtuafort’ is initiated by Regional Landscapes in cooperation with Visual Dimension, University of Antwerp Centre for Urban History and the City of Antwerp. The VirtuaFort project is building a Virtual Reality application that includes Fort Lillo and its immediate surroundings. Hereby, a historically correct 3D-reconstruction of the fort in the 17th century is brought to life by means of immersive technology. At the same time, various storylines will be linked to the fortress, in order to enthuse both inhabitants and local and sustainable tourism about this unique location.

The VR application will also make it possible to switch between the past, the present and the future plans for the fortress. The application is currently under construction and will be launched publicly in early 2022, after which a possible expansion towards other sites will be investigated. During this presentation, the current state of affairs and the intended final application will be explained, with a focus on the history of the fortress.

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 3D virtual tours in Northern Transylvania

We live in a world where the line between real and imaginary is narrowing. In this context, technology plays an extremely important role. Soon, the long physical trips dedicated to the visit of certain monuments could become history, thanks to innovations in 3D scanning and rendering.

Two fortresses from Northern Transylvania have stepped into the virtual world, offering the opportunity to be visited online through virtual tours, based on digital twin technology: a complex system of cameras that capture, in the smallest detail, indoor & outdoor elements of the monuments.

We invite you to visit Oradea Fortress (https://my.treedis.com/tour/cetatea-oradea) and the Tailors' Tower in Cluj-Napoca (https://my.treedis.com/tour/turnul-croitorilor) in the #NewTrendsInTourism.




“Splendor. Tears. Disasters. Closer than ever.”

The fortress experience Dresden: The fortress history of Dresden (Saxony) was brought to life through a multimedia exhibition. With the help of exciting storytelling, the visitors are guided through 25 stations mostly underground, using a special player device and headphones. The secrets of Dresden’s fortress are unleashed and made visible through 360-degree projections and 3D sound technology. On 1500 square metres the exhibition will take you out of your everyday life and right into the past.

Visit festung-xperience.com for more info. Dresden Xperience