Magdeburg’s regional RFC stakeholder group celebrated their fourth meeting online on 18th March. Besides summarising the last RFC meetings, the next steps and dates were presented. The Info Day was planned for September 2021 and the short film documentation / image film on Magdeburg’s fortifications and related projects is being planned. The current ideas for the Action Plan were presented to the RSG. Specific points were then discussed in more detail. The importance of a unified tourism guidance system that integrates the fortifications was emphasised by all participants. Magdeburg’s fortifications must definitely be included. Perhaps (private) sponsorships for the plaques would also be a possibility if there are financial constraints. There was a similar good practice coming from Spain.

Everyone also agreed that a master plan is needed that promises to be binding. It does not need individual resolutions. The Action Plan should function as a master plan. The individual points should soon be discussed in concrete terms so that it is very clear what is to be implemented and how.

Furthermore, membership in international (tourism) networks such as Forte Cultura / EFFORTS was adressed. Unfortunately, money is also tight at the responsible marketing office (Magdeburg Marketing Kongress und Tourismus GmbH, MMKT). Everyone agreed that it only makes sense if the city as a whole becomes a member, including all fortress projects and places. The individual (partly voluntary) projects cannot afford this.

The possibility of virtual reality applications for the fortifications was also presented. The "Festung Mark" (Fortress Mark) could make contacts if necessary. This would be both a nice way for the European partners to experience Magdeburg's fortress treasures virtually and, moreover, one should skilfully include already existing projects here (e.g. DVD virtual city tour "Magdeburg anno 1630"), as well as " re-create" already lost places.

Overall, the suggestions for ideas on the Action Plan were well received. It is planned to send the gathered good practices of the RFC partners to the RSG with the request to send suggestions or ideas for the Action Plan to us. The results will be discussed in a further meeting.