On June 30th the project partners will celebrate the 5th Interregional Thematic Workshop and the Steering Group meeting

Due to the current circumstances of the COVID pandemic, the event originally planned in Komotini, GR, will have to be held online. Study visits will take place once the situation is normalized.

This is the planned agenda for the event: 

  • Information of LP

- Welcome and agenda

- Aim of the meeting

  • Interregional Thematic Workshop

- Topic - "a social use of old military structures and buildings as a public space for recreation and leisure, promotion and tourism, business activities"

  • Specific topic:

- “Navigation or how to find a fortress”. The fortification is usually a rather complicated structure, a labyrinth, different from other monuments. How to design a navigation system inside or outside the walls to guide the tourists.

- “Living history”. How to revive fortifications through the actions of living history, reenacting, historical fencing, etc. Fortifications are mostly used as scenery for such events – e.g. Slag om Grolle etc. Some of you has already mentioned it in your good practice.

- How to present fortress monuments to the public - expositions, sightseeing tours, paths, applications, active tourism etc. We have seen some presentations already (3D modeling of coast fortifications). But as I travel through the fortifications, it is sometimes hard to find some information. It is not only about strict historical data, but more about how to bring some story in old walls.

- “How can we deal with abandoned and empty fortification buildings, and how to involve the public (participation) in search for meaningful re-use and how to develop attractive places (for entrepreneurs) to invest in sustainable heritage”

  • Break
  • Interregional Thematic Workshop - Partner contributions
  • Lunch break
  • Steering Group meeting – LP

- Partner info on the progress in the project implementation in partner regions

- Partner reports preparation – semester 4

- Communication activities update 

  • End of the meeting