On January 26th the project partners will meet to share their good practices and hold the fourth thematic workshop of the project.

 Due to the current circumstances of the COVID pandemic, the event originally planned in Magdeburg DE  will have to be held online. Study visits will take place once the situation is normalized.

 This is the planned agenda for the event:

 Information of LP

     • Welcome and agenda

     • Aim of the meeting

 Steering Group meeting - LP

     • Progress in the project implementation (administration, reporting, budget, RSG meetings)

 Action Plan Actions Introduction – Partner presentations

Break and Connecting of stakeholders and experts

International Thematic Workshop

 Topic: Reconstructions, Financing Mechanisms.

Introductory Presentations:

    1. ‘PMV as financing solution for Bomvrije Kazerne (Military Base) Dendermonde’ https://www.pmv.eu/en ; Tim Electeur, BE

    2. ERDF Financing possibilities in the new financing period – Ministry for Regional Development of the CR – Managing Authority of the Integrated Regional Operational Programme, Ms. Martina Fišerová

    3. INTERREG programmes 21+, COVID_19 possible call for additional activities in 2021- INTERREG EUROPE Contact point of the CR, Mr. Pavel Lukeš

     • partner contributions, ALL

Next steps, on-line Study visit Magdeburg, DE date confirmation, next partner working meeting date (end of February)

Links to connect

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