The Regional Action Plan is a document produced by each region providing details on how the lessons learned from the cooperation in RETRACE project will be implemented to improve policy instruments addressed to their region.

The RETRACE Action Plan of Nouvelle Aquitaine Region includes four actions which address a wide range of Policy Gaps, aiming at promoting the transition towards a Circular Economy in different areas from cleaner production to education and social entrepreneurship.

One of the main advances of our action plan was the presentation in plenary session of the regional roadmap to accompany the ecological and energetic transition called “neoterra”.

The four actions we have identified have found an echo in this regional roadmap:


ACTION 1 | Strengthen social entrepreneurship with a circular economy approach

Goal: We’re partner of the IKOS PROJECT which is a re-use ecosystem project on the Bordeaux metropolis. This project aims to bring together in one place activities production of each involved entity; commercial activities with the creation of a shopping mall offering only re-used products; educational activities to raise the awareness of the public, schoolchildren and academics to the challenges of the circular economy through training and conferences, collaborative workshops, site visits and research activities to support transition through re-employment.

Status: We succeed in an R&D call by the French agency for the environment to follow the implementation of a repair and reuse center in Bordeaux.  We are still working on a R&D project (2018-2020) to structure a territorial repair network in the French Bask country. To do, we will do several workshops with local initiatives and public authorities. 


ACTION 2 | New approaches on textile valorization and slow fashion

Goal: the objectives are to sensibilize a maximum of stakeholders (companies, citizens...) around the topic of waste prevention in the textile industry

Status: we’re still on discussion with the cluster of outdoor sport companies in order to set up a collective operation around this topic.


ACTION 3 | Strengthen the development of small methanization project in the French basque country

Goal: This action would aim at uniting local stakeholders around agro-food waste and local energy production, in particular in the French bask country .

Status: This topic is one of the main task of the neoterra roadmap with an objective of +50% of renewable energy for the local agricultural exploitations by 2030. Moreover sub-regional government of the French Bask country has budgeted a specific amount to launch a detailed methanization viability study following the recommendations of RETRACE project.


ACTION 4 | Develop new competencies around the valorization of local resources

Goal: The objective is to participate in the development of the local skills necessary to ensure the transition to the circular economy .

Status: The activities are on-going; the neoterra roadmap also concerns this point and notice that the Region will evolve pedagogical projects of high schools / CFA so to make young people aware of the eco-responsible practices (sorting of waste, clean mobility, green technologies ...) and social entrepreneurial models.