In this article, one GP assigned for the fifth Policy Gap (Policy in support to business and market development for Circular Economy activities) is presented. 

Policy Gaps 5 – Policy in support of business and market development for CE activities

Besides the development of CE related project, the necessity is to support the creation of an appropriate business model for CE activities and the need to stimulate the market towards the reuse of by-products.

Contribution of RETRACE Good Practice:

it shows the possibility to fill the gap between public authority and R&I measures.

Good Practice Example: Black Bear Carbon Black

In Netherland, the Black Bears technology aims to up-cycle tires into valuable materials without damaging the environment and saving CO2 emissions

The team started developing an innovative technology to extract carbon black from end-of-life tyres to the highest possible quality. In the next years, this technology was brought up to an industrial scale, and the company established the first partnership with a major Dutch tyre collector. The production of carbon black also yields important by-product, green energy, in the form of high calorific gas and oil, which can be converted to heat, electricity or steam and provides an additional income stream within the business model. The GP aims to improve the local economy thanks to the innovative and sustainable manufacturing business.

The most significant evidence of success is that replacing virgin carbon black with green carbon black from Black Bear, it saves 5-7 ton CO2 for each ton of substituted material. Moreover, applying this circular economy business model, it has significant advantages for companies active in tire processing and rubber manufacturing by reducing waste processing costs and use of and expenditure on resources.