Next January 31, the meeting of the stakeholders in France will be held with the French partners of the Retrace Project, ESTIA and APESA. The meeting is divided in two moments:

First, an overview of the project will be proposed. There will be presented several good practices based on the principles of the Circular Economy and present in the diverse fields visit of Retrace project (Basque Country and Piemont Region).  ESTIA and APESA will also provide information on the progress being made in the implementation of the Holistic Diagnosis, which is being carried out within the project.

Secondly, three parallel workshops will be organized around three thematic coming from the step 3 of the holistic analysis :
•    Methanization and milk production
•    Revaluation of used leathers and textiles
•    Energy of the wood and the improvement of the furniture

During these workshops, there will also be a space to hear different testimonies from different companies and political institutions so as to find new synergies and build first roadmaps around the different subjects.