As part of the European Waste Reduction Week from 17 to 25 November and with the support of the Retrace project, APESA (Sustainability Technology Center) and Orratzetik Hari (Collective of seamstresses) join forces to propose a project for the development of the culture of the repair and reuse within the French Basque Country. The aim is to make citizens, businesses and local authorities aware of the challenges of repair and reuse of products and also to imagine how to promote the development of local and sustainable solutions.

This year reflection focuses particularly on the textile sector. 

To achieve these goals and collectively imagine alternatives for the end of life of textiles, we work on several times:

- A meeting in Bayonne for a wider stakeholders audience (businesses and citizens) followed by round tables to understand and debate around the levers and brakes at reuse and repair in the textile sector.

- 3 collaborative workshops (Bayonne, Cambo and Mauléon) to give the opportunity to learn basic actions for the re-use of textile products:

· How to fix a hitch? Maintain his clothes?

· How to turn an old shirt or sweater to renew his wardrobe?

· How to find new uses for these old clothes which one is nevertheless attached?