The 4th Stakeholder Group Meeting organised by the Slovenian partner of RETRACE project, GODC, was dedicated to the preparation of the Slovenian regional action plan for the use of systemic design as a tool for transition towards circular economy. GODC identified four major regional challenges that have to be addressed, namely: legislative frame, support environment and financial incentives (calls), eco-design and building skills. Through fruitful discussion stakeholders agreed that the identified key challenges and gaps are relevant for the Slovenian environment, but still proposed additional measures that could facilitate the transition. Their valuable suggestions, opinion and critics will be taken into account when preparing the final action plan.

Seeking potential synergies with the RETRACE project, representatives of the Circular Change platform presented the preparation of the Slovenian Circular Economy Roadmap that is being prepared in cooperation with the Office of the prime minister and Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning. The shareholders concluded that the two emerging documents address the topics that are overlapping, thus paving the way for joint development and implementation of final documents