Fundación Economía Circular is organizing an event about how to promote the circular economy, as a pathway that may contribute to exiting both the environmental and socio-economic crises. The key is how to ease the transition to that new economic model.

The main questions to discuss:

- The policy of the European Union.

- The discussion of circular economy is the eco-conception of products and services.

- The financial incentives.

- The role that public authorities and the different ‘actors’ involved in the full life cycle or value chain of products have to play.

This Meeting Point will discuss these and other issues of undoubted interest to successfully implement a model of a circular economy.

Taking this opportunity, 2 Publications directly related to circular economy will be presented:

- The Spanish version of the ACR Guide +: "Integrated circular economy strategies at a local and regional level"

- A preliminary document prepared by the FEC on "Why and how to develop circular economy integrated strategies in the Autonomous Communities'.


Date: Madrid, Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Place: Hotel Santo Domingo San Bernardo, 1, 28013 Madrid



You can download the full program here.