On 19 January the second local stakeholders group meeting of the RETRACE project took place in the North-East Region of Romania.

Following the study visits conducted in Nouvelle-Aquitaine (France) and Bizkaia (Spain), the North-East Regional Development Agency presented and proposed a series of transferable models to the North-East region, among which were outlined as potential measures of the Regional Action Plan:

  • the establishment of a pilot socio-economic development of the local community on the principles of systemic design;
  • ­ the development of a regional value chain around hemp cultivation and industrialization. 

The stakeholders recognized the benefits of adopting such a model that goes beyond environmental protection and resource efficiency. Implementing such a model in North-East Region would generate an intense process of innovation, including the traditional industrial system, leading to new opportunities and business models, but more importantly it offers the prospect of efficient flows of resources, reducing their waste and giving them economic value.