The Department of Architecture and Design at Politecnico di Torino, Lead Partner of RETRACE, has organised an exhibition of the Good Practices selected in Piedmont Region within the context of the project.

The exhibition gathered 8 GPs of Circular Economy; each of them was presented through a poster explaining the project at the basis of the good practice and some samples of the final products (input of another process) produced starting from the by-products or waste (output) generated by a process. The GPs concerned different production sectors (agrifood, building, special waste, plastics, energy) and the samples were kindly made available by the owners of the projects, that are local stakeholders of Retrace. The exhibition had a great success and, born as a temporary event, its duration has been extended at a future date.

The exhibition was hold in occasion of POLITO Sustainability Week, an initiative organized by Politecnico di Torino to promote sustainable actions and behaviours in the academic Campus: the event included exhibitions, workshops, conferences, hackathon and debates on the topic of sustainability that showed to the wider public the commitment of Politecnico towards this topic.