The sixth stakeholder's group meeting will be dedicated to discussing the overall project’s achievements, challenges addressed during its implementation period and how to proceed with activities after the project ends. Particular attention will be given to the implementation of the Measure 3 in the Action plan. To this end, we will present the green voucher, the concept of the green presidency of Slovenia to the Council of EU, hackathon and results of the questionnaire for companies on their needs towards the transition to circular economy prepared by the SRIP – Circular Economy. The green voucher scheme was drafted and needs to be fine-tuned before being offered to companies by intermediary bodies. We used RETRACE platform to scale-up on the concept of the green presidency of Slovenia to the EU, which serves as leverage to show the EU what Slovenia can do to support the transition towards the circular economy. While the SRIP – Circular Economy has made an effort to engage companies (through a questionnaire) to share their views and particular needs to make their transition to the circular economy faster and smoother. We will discuss the organisation of a hackathon for companies to address their challenges on the way towards introducing new circular business models or adaptation production processes.

Registration via e-mail to [email protected] or phone +386 (0)1 400 3768 by 20 September 2019.