The Future-oriented Technology Analysis conference starts today in Brussels to explore the new challenges of policymaking and future-oriented frames and methos to respond to them. 

With a two day program of distinguished speakers in the plenary keynote and debates sessions, the conference organised by the Joint Research Centre addresses the complexity of the policymaking environment mixing contributions from policymakers and designers around some key topics:

- People & Power- New actors, new channels of influence

- Policymaking & Practice - Speed, complexity, urgency

- Perceptions & Potentials - Transitions, trust.

In this framework, Carolina Giraldo Nohra from Politecnico di Torino, will present RETRACE project  through her intervention "A circular Europe on the way: Systemic Design as policy-making tool anticipating a new economic paradigm" during the System Dynamics, Modelling and Gaming session on 5 June. 

You can check the program of FTA here and follow the event live through the window below.