During the second half of March, the second Regional Dissemination Event will be held in 3 of the participating regions of the Retrace project. These events are focused on the announcement of the second publication of the project, the Good Practices Guide. The advances made in the redaction of the Regional Action Plan of each Region will be discussed also during the session.

The dates for the events are the following:

  • On March 16 in Spain, organized by BEAZ and Azaro Fundazioa.
  • On March 17 in France, organized by Apesa and Estia
  • On March 29 in Romania, organized by the North-East Regional Development Agency

 Retrace partners have also organized the 4th Stakeholder Group Meeting in the mentioned regions. The objective of these meetings is to share and review the Regional Action Plan, which has been developed through their collaboration and participation. The stakeholder group meetings and the Regional Dissemination Events will be celebrated on the same dates.