Warsaw Action Plan aims to impact the Regional Operational Programme of the Mazowiecke Voivodeship 2014 – 2020. The objective of the plan is improving residents’ mobility, concurrently providing possibilities to meet the needs and ensure economic development of the region. 

The most relevant actions that will be realised within the Action Plan are:

1. Improvement of attractiveness of pedestrian zones on commercial streets

The aim of this action is to organise pedestrian zones for some commercial streets by delimiting a zone on two streets where restaurant outdoor areas can be set up. Currently, each entity must receive approval of the traffic organisation plan and the submit an application for occupation of the road lane. Decision are issued independently. The proposed solution will streamline the decision issue process - all entity will be informed about the rules effective in the given zone. This will also ensure fair treatment of entrepreneurs - all of them will be allowed to occupy the same width of the pavement.

2. Improvement of supply system functioning on Francuska street

During the implementation of Resolve project, Warsaw participated in study visits in Reggio Emilia, Rotterdam and Manchester. The first idea for project implementation was to improve the quality of pedestrian areas; in the course of the project it became clear that supplies of goods in Warsaw Functional Area were an equally important issue. A study was then conducted on Francuska street showing that performance of deliveries affects the functioning of urban space, causing hazards for road traffic and it is performed by cars in almost 100 % of cases. Within the framework of the re-development of Francuska street, spots for performance of supply were projected. The functioning of these spots will be controlled on a current basis to assess if this solution does well in specific conditions and entrepreneurs will be responsible for proper functioning of the spots. It is in their interest for the spots to be available to their suppliers. If the project does well, similar solutions will be applied for other streets. The project will be presented to other communes within the Warsaw Functional Area.

3. Campaign promoting sustainable purchasing

Cooperation with the private group of stakeholders is a great challenge in Poland - a country with very low social capital. Under the RESOLVE project, entrepreneurs of Francuska street reacted positively to currently proposed changes in the urban space. There is a great potential for development of this cooperation.

Upon completion of the redevelopment works in Francuska street, a campaign will be held encouraging to arriving there using means of transport other than a car. The campaign will be realised in close cooperation with the restaurant owners. The reward for arrival by bike, means of public transport, on foot or by taxi will be small free items in the restaurants, e.g. a piece of cake or coffee added to the order. Furthermore, restaurants participating in the action will be promoted as "city friendly".

Updated information on the realisation of these actions will be published in the next months!