The policy instrument addressed by the Municipality of Maribor through the Action Plan is the SUMP, which is one of the main municipal strategies for carbon reduction. The SUMP will be improved in terms of giving more attention to regulation and organisation of the delivery of goods to companies, shops and restaurants in the city centre, the expansion of pedestrian zones, the improvement of cycling infrastructure and public transport offer. These activities are aimed at reducing CO2 emissions, at the same time increasing the attractiveness of the city centre, with a positive impact on its economy. In particular, three areas of actions were identified within the Action Plan:  

- Action 1: more environmentally friendly delivery of goods to the retailers in the city centre. This measure includes the introduction of delivery in the city centre and pedestrian zones by e-vehicles and cargo bikes. The delivery system within the pedestrian zone enabled some of the courier expresses companies to enter the zone during the whole day (meaning also outside the defined delivery time). In accordance with the new rules, these services will be possible only with e-vehicles and a pilot project will be realised for the delivery in the pedestrian zone using cargo bikes.

- Action 2: better modal split in the city centre. Besides the measures to reduce motor traffic for delivery, it is also necessary to reduce the individual daily use of cars. This action foresees the introduction of free public transport in the city centre with electric vehicles, the introduction of a shared space for pedestrians, cyclists, public transport and certain types of motor transport in order to reduce the space intended only for cars and to allow better conditions for developing retailer and restaurant services.

A parklet (sidewalk extension that provides more space for people) will be introduced near the pedestrian zone. Some parking places will be reduced and the space will be designed for people to meet as well as for cycle parking to encourage people to cycle to the city centre. The parklet will be installed first for a limited period for some months in a street situated next to the pedestrian zone. If the results of the monitoring will be positive, it will be installed permanently.

New cycle paths will connect neighbourhoods in Maribor with the city centre cycle path network in order to enable inhabitants of Maribor who live in the residential areas to plan their daily trips to work and shopping areas by bike. Now there is no safe infrastructure for biking from residential areas to the shopping and pedestrian zone in the city centre. This measure includes building new bicycle connections and improving existing ones.

A bike sharing system will be introduced with 12 bicycle rental sites and 120 bikes.

- Action 3: cooperation, communication and information
Results of the survey that was prepared as one of the RESOLVE activity and conducted in 2017 and 2018 among retailers in the city centre showed that there is a weak communication and cooperation between city administration and city centre. For this reason, the municipality is planning to take appropriate organisational measures to improve cooperation with retailers and the promotion of the city centre and its offer. At the same time, informational, promotional and awareness raising activities  in the field of sustainable mobility will be realised through leaflets, workshops, etc.