2016 has been an important year for Resolve, a lot of work has been realised and a lot more will be done in the next years!

The project was officially launched in April and partners met for the first time during the Kick Off Meeting in Roermond, in the Netherlands, on the 12th and 13th of April, in which key aspects of the project were discussed and the activities to be carried out in the 5-years duration of the project were planned.

The learning and exchange process started soon after the beginning of the project: partners collected in a Register a selection of good practices on sustainable mobility related to retail economy and the first peer reviews were realised with the support of key experts. The first peer review was hosted in July by the lead partner, Roermond, with experts on mobility and urban retail from Portugal, Sweden, UK and the Netherlands who gave advice to the City Council on possible improvements and practices to be imported.

With the start of the new semester, in October, the second peer review took place in Växjö, Sweden, hosted by the Kronoberg County Administration Board. European experts on logistics and retail from 4 project partners shared their ideas on how to improve and facilitate the environmental investments for mobility and transport in the territory, providing suggestions and guidance to local administrators and stakeholders.


All the partners met in Vaxjo also for the second project management group meeting.  

The new year will see the organization of 6 more peer reviews, each partner hosting one, and the realization of study visits aimed at analysing the identified good practices for potential import. Transport for Greater Manchester will host in January 2017 the next peer review together with the first study visit: Kronoberg County, Reggio Emilia, Roermond and Warsaw will attend the study visit and will learn more about the city vision to 2040, the action plans for air quality and to boost electric mobility, innovative public transport solutions and mobility management for commercial areas. The outcomes of both of the events it will be published on the RESOLVE website by the end of January.

In parallel, all the partners will continue their work at local level, organising a first round of survey for monitoring mobility behaviours of retailers and customers and meeting on a regular basis the main stakeholder organisations to discuss mobility and transport issues.

2017 will be a very busy year for all the partners: there is a lot of work ahead in the next 12 months, so keep an eye on our website to get all the updates about the project activities and progress. For now, we all the RESOLVE partners would like to wish everyone a happy new year!