In Semester 5 the RESOLVE Import Workshops have started. After hosting the Peer Reviews and attending a number of Study Visits, the partners are now entering the final phase of their “learning curve” in RESOLVE. This will be done by the Import Workshops. These are meant to help partners to deeply exchange views on the Good Practices they would like to introduce together with their Local Stakeholders Group. Additionally, during the Import Workshop the first draft of the Regional Action Plan can be discussed. The first Import Workshop took place in Maribor (P5) in May 2018. Experts from the Erasmus University Rotterdam (P2) joined policy makers and other local stakeholders in Maribor to talk about the plans the city has to improve the attractiveness of the city centre and, at the same time, to stimulate sustainable mobility among the visitors. Kronoberg (P6) has organised two Import Workshops: the first (in April 2018) was meant for policymakers within the County Administrative Board and the second (in May 2018) for companies and organizations from whole Kronoberg area. The aim of the workshops was to receive feedback on first draft of the environmental action plan that will add to RAP. In total, approximately 50 people attended the two workshops. “By having a good dialogue with local stakeholders, we believe that our policy will improve more efficiently” said Aida Ramic, project manager for Resolve in Kronoberg. “When the right people are involved in decision making process at earlier stage, the results are clearer and more specific. We have also involved the management level of stakeholders group and hope that improves will be made quicker”.