How do you evaluate RESOLVE's first 2 years? What have you learnt so far?

Project RESOLVE has brought international view on our environmental goals. Together with international guests and experts we’ve reviewed some of the actions for the environmental goals but also started a process of even more global thinking when working with environment. So far we learned that even our aims need to be very specific and clear in order to make it more popular and easy to act environmental friendly. Of course we cannot offer to miss the economic aspect in the work so more financial incitements will be needed in the future.

Which is your main focus and which are the main RESOLVE activities at local level? Which will be the main outcomes of RESOLVE?

We’ve seen some of successful implementation of consolidation centres in Europe. We believe that set up of such logistic solution within retailer in the city centre would sort out many problems of today and enhance attraction of the city centre.

How do you see mobility in your city/region by 2021 and how will RESOLVE contribute to achieve these objectives and vision?

We are already today fossil free public transport city. It would be wonderful if we by 2021 really understand what it takes to make the next step and make all transport in city fossil free (all vehicles run on fossil free fuel). By knowledge exchange that RESOLVE allows us to do we hope to make this step possible.