1) How do you evaluate RESOLVE's first 2 years? What have you learnt so far?

The first 2 years of Maribor Municipality cooperation in RESOLVE project brought several stakeholders together to discuss and search for solutions regarding the reduction of carbon emissions in the city centre with commercial area and pedestrian zone. We learned about good practices during the study visits in partner cities such as Almada and Reggio Emilia in particular in the field of public transport in the city centre, pedestrianization and cycle path network. In April 2017 Maribor organized the Peer Review where a team of experts from Netherlands, Czech Republic and Sweden discussed retail related traffic and revival of old city centre with participants from municipal departments – Traffic and spatial department, Environmental department, Department for economics, Mayors Office and Tourist Board. This event brought representatives from Maribor Municipality and experts from RESOLVE partner cities together to review the potential of the city and combine possible solutions among different departments and other stakeholders. We gained new experiences in those activities such as how to offer a flexible mobility service, enlarge the cycle paths, and improve retailers´ support in commercial areas.

2) Which is your main focus and which are the main RESOLVE activities at local level? Which will be the main outcomes of RESOLVE?  

We are focusing in new measures after intensifying the dialogue with several stakeholders to reduce CO₂ emissions in the city centre. The project is connecting public institutions with private stakeholders in the city to create a better urban space for all. So an Ordinance has been prepared to be adopted in 2018 at the City Council to cut down motorized traffic like delivery in the commercial and pedestrian zone in the city centre. At the same time environmental solutions are being introduced such as electric mini buses and vehicles to offer inhabitants and visitors alternative mobility and delivery. Main outcomes of RESOLVE project will be the Regional Action Plan where new measures for reduced carbon emissions will be adopted by the Maribor City Council, which will have a major impact on reduction of negative effects of commercial related journeys in the city centre.

3) How do you see mobility in your city/region by 2021 and how will RESOLVE contribute to achieve these objectives and vision?   

RESOLVE project will help us to take appropriate measures by introducing good practices to improve the quality of the existing pedestrian zone and commercial area; by introducing shared space and car free zones in the old city center at the river Drava and the Koroška Street. We are interested to promote and improve the cycling path network, which could be enlarged by co-financing within the Integrated Territorial Investments (European Funding) in accordance to the Sustainable Urban Strategy of Maribor. Good practices from Almada and Reggio Emilia will help to improve public transport and delivery by new comfortable vehicles and introduce e-mobility. Since Maribor has good accessibility it has a big potential in terms of growth in the local retail economy and tourism.