From 7th to 9th of November the City of Reggio Emilia hosted the Project Management Group Meeting and a Study Visit. RESOLVE partners coming from Netherlands, UK, Sweden, Slovenia, Poland and Czech Republic met in the City Hall and were welcomed by Mrs. Serena Foracchia, Deputy Mayor for International Affairs.

This fourth meeting was the occasion to monitor what the Project has done so far and to share and plan many important actions and further step to be implemented in the next months.  The outcomes of the Peer reviews, the new needs and offers of good practices identified and collected in the Good Practices Register, the planning for the next Study Visits and the cooperation with the members of the Local Stakeholders Group were some of the main RESOLVE topics discussed during the meeting. 

The calendar for next Study Visits has been shared and planned: in the beginning of 2018 RESOLVE partners will visit Manchester, Roermond and Reggio Emilia and exchange their GPs. The next Project Management Group meeting will be held in Almada, Portugal, in April 2018: with the PMG, partners will also have the opportunity to discuss the final phase of the project thanks to a Technical Workshop which will help them to confirm the design of their Regional Actions Plan and the agenda of their Import Workshop .


After the Project Meeting, a delegation of 16 people from Czech Republic Portugal , Slovenia and Poland took part in the Study Visit. Moravia Silesia Region (with representatives of the cities of Opava and Ostrava) and the cities of Almada, Maribor and Warsaw attended the 1,5 day study visit which was organised in Reggio Emilia and Bologna.

The morning of first day of the study visit was devoted to the good practices implemented in the city of Reggio Emilia such as the system of Park & rides with a free bus connection between park & rides and city centre, shops and businesses, and the experience of the city in promoting electric mobility.

In the afternoon, the group moved to Bologna to meet representatives from Emilia Romagna Region who presented the role and the strategy of the Regional government towards a more sustainable and intermodal mobility system at urban and regional level, and representatives of the city of Bologna presenting the pedestrianisation of the city centre.   

The final day of the study visit has been devoted to logistics, with the presentation of the regional strategy for harmonising logistics operations in city centres in Emilia Romagna, and the experience of the city of Padua with the CITYPORTO project. 

Stay tuned for more info on RESOLVE project results!