Adapting our work routine to the new COVID-19 situation, the 11th of May, AGENEX had an online meeting with the research centre CTAEX (Extremadura Agricultural and Food Technological Centre) to talk about creating synergies with the projects they have related to the use of Renewable Energy Sources in the Agri-food industry.

Currently, CTAEX had been developing several projects in this regards. One of the main important ones is focused on the reusing of the sub-products that come from Extremadura's mills. The first purpose of this research centre is to find a new use for this waste, especially applied to the energy field.

The projects PYROEX, BIOREXIDUEX, CH4 ALPERUJO… are covering areas of interest for RESINDUSTRY as good practices, due to how each one can find different ways to invest in the use of RES in the regional Agri-food industry, the most important one in Extremadura.

Nevertheless, the most interesting one is INNOACE project: CTAEX is developing a map of sub-products in Extremadura. In the future, this information could be used to generate several connecting points, where they can use the sub-product of the different zones, to produce energy that would be shared by the different industries. The connections between INNOACE and RESINDUSTRY will be empowered in the nearest future.