The last 13th of February took place the first Local Stakeholder meeting for RESINDUSTRY project in Extremadura organized by AGENEX. The event was held in Mérida, with 20 attendees, composed by different actors from the quadruple helix (Private sector, public sector, academia and civil society organisation).

The gathering was divided into two main parts: firstly, the participation of two key speakers of the region, Miguel Ángel de la Calle from the General Direction of External Action of the regional Government; who talked about the financial tools from the OP 2014-2020; and Miguel Ángel Cabrera Lopez, from a private financial institution, who explained the different available schemes for the installation of renewable energy sources for SMEs.

The second part of the event had a more interactive approach among the participants, consisting on the analysis of good practices from other regions, promoting by this way a brainstorm of ideas, which, consequently, led to a debate about the necessary improvement of the financial instruments available and future calls for addressing this issue.

This sharing of knowledge helped the participants to identify the barriers of the regional policy instrument. Another European project, AgroRES, was also tackled on the meeting because RESINDUSTRY is strengthening the links between projects to create synergies.