The last 30th of September, Extremadura Energy Agency (AGENEX) had a meeting with the Extremadura energy cluster (represented by his president Vicente Sánchez Fernandez) to discuss projects related to RES in the industry and to analyse the barriers to the integration of renewable energies in the industry.

One of the main problems is the lack of funding’s that industry has which complicates the implementation of clean energy systems. Also, the high cost of this implementation is another issue to tackle.

The available grants only cover between the 30-40% of the final investment, so companies must provide the 60-70% by private funds.

One of the main concerns for industry sector in Extremadura is the size of the business network. Most of the companies are familiar and small, with low capacity of investment in new technologies. One of the key instruments to improve this is a PPA (Purchase price allocation) finance.

The Cluster is also managing two interesting projects with connections to RESINDUSTRY, related to the wine industry in Extremadura. These projects are VIDI 4.0 and Coopera-suma.  The projects are making different energy audits in several factories to evaluate the problem in this sector and to analyse how to improve it by re-using waste and implementing RES in this kind of industries.