Internal institutional meeting held online at the FH Vorarlberg on 26.01.2021 for framing in RES policies: RES technologies and industry potentials.

During the meeting, FHV representatives introduced the market analysis and best practice research in the scope of identification of national and regional potentials and promotion of the use of RES in industry. The state of RES policies in the national and regional sector, as well as its optimal alignment with industry potentials of the region, were central to the meeting. Policies in the transport sector, heating and cooling sector, policies for energy access and other relevant policies for stimulating RES in the industry in the region were in the focus. How renewable energy technologies can operate within industrial system and function optimally with other technologies and facilitate innovation, as well as supply and consumption of renewable energy in all end-uses, were only a few of the interesting topics raised within discussions.       


Bojana Suzic, Project Manager. 

FH Vorarlberg.