On Thursday, 28th January, 2021, MOSR held Institutional Internal Meeting 2 which was largely devoted to Objective 2 of the new Cohesion Policy "A more environmentally friendly, emission-free Europe".

MOSR and the European Commission is debating on the provisions of the new Partnership Agreement having an influence on the future Regional Operational Programme which in due course is of great consequence and merit to the RESINDUSTRY project. Thirty participants representing cross-interest departments of MOSR, among them, Jacek Sułek, Director of the Department of Investments and Development, Anna Kucharczyk and Tomasz Janusz, Deputy Directors of the Department of Investments and Development and managers from different branches of the Department of Environment and Waste Management and the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development took part in the webinar.

During the conference, Director Jacek Sułek presented the conditions for work on the Regional Programme for 2021-2027 (requirements for the thematic concentration, establishing a demarcation line, partnership agreements and preliminary areas of support planned for implementation in the new Programme).

The next topic of RESINDUSTRY project implementation in the era of the Sars-CoV2 pandemic was discussed. The main concepts of cooperation within RESINDUSTRY and specific activities resulting from the project provisions were also developed. The actions planned for 2021 were also presented.

One of them is, among others, study visits to partner countries, which did not take place due to the restrictions introduced because of the pandemic. In the next part, the Department of Environment and Waste Management reported demand for a project including energy consultancy in each commune – raising awareness and knowledge of residents, entrepreneurs and local authorities on reducing low emissions and using renewable energy sources. Currently, this demarcation line has been provided for only at the national level, and therefore the RESINDUSTRY team will make this issue subject to further decisions after the final provisions of the line have been established.

The Department of Environment and Waste Management was asked to analyse the demand for the implementation of small hydropower projects. Department of Agriculture and Rural Development was asked to identify the demand for creation of biogas plants (Polish Biogas Chamber) and the use of biomass and the way to implement a project, type of beneficiary, financing rules.